Special Election Period (SEP):

There are specific situations that will allow a person to apply for Medicare at a later date… other than just turning age 65.  The most common is for those that continued to work and have an employers group health insurance plan.  This is considered a “delayed part B of Medicare”.  As an example, you might have continued working and had great insurance through your employer or your spouses.  Then at a later date, lets say now you are age 68 and would like to activate medicare fully and come off that employer plan.

 How to sign up for delayed part B

Application for Medicare Part B Online

The application for Medicare Part B online is available through the link below. SSA is accepting delayed Medicare Part B enrollment applications online for those who qualify for a  Special Enrollment Period (SEP).
You may use the online enrollment application if you currently have/had group health plan continuously since the date fo turning age 65 and now want to activate your Part B of Medicare.

To complete this online enrollment application you will need:

  • Your Medicare ID number listed on your Medicare card.  For delayed part B, you should already have a Medicare Card with Part A only on it.
  • Your current residential address and phone number
  • A valid email address that you are able to check
  • Documentation verifying you had group health coverage through an employer.   This form is an employer verification form  (Form CMS-L546)(Form CMS-L546)

IMPORTANT: You will need to sign the form digitally.  To complete this process you will need to have an email address and the ability to access an email you receive from it.  The email will come from echosign@echosign.com asking you to confirm your digital signature. If you do not see the email after submitting, check your spam or junk folder in your email.

(Delayed part B Special Enrollment Period)

Click for online enrollment

Need to upload employment verification form:

To complete the online enrollment you will need to upload the employer signed employment verification form:  (Form CMS-L546)(Form CMS-L546)

If you cannot complete the forms online:  You may fax BOTH the employment verification form (CMS-L546) and Part B enrollment form (CMS-40B)(CMS-40B)

to Social Security at 1-833-914-2016
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