1st step apply for Medicare A&B

If you are just now turning age 65.  We can/should do this 3 months before your bday month.  It will not start your medicare any sooner, but allows for everything to fall into place without a hitch.

Sign up for Medicare Online

By clicking the button above, you’ll be taken to the
Social Security Administration website to apply.

Simply answer the questions in order.  Always click “next” at the bottom of each page. At the end, there’s a virtual signature.  It’s just a box to check.  Keep clicking “next”.   You will be asked is you already have a “My Social Security Account” set up.  If you do not, go down and click to create a Login.gov sign in.  It routes you to a new page, and again towards the bottom, click to create a new account.

  • Sign up for Medicare Part B ONLY if you don’t want your monthly benefit to begin.
  • When asked the question do you currently have a group insurance plan, mark “NO”.  The way it is asked is a little misleading.  They are trying to determine if you will have the group insurance while also having Medicare.

Let me know how this goes and if you were successful in applying.  If it is a bit too confusing.  Let’s set up a brief phone appointment and I’ll walk you through every step to keep everything moving along.

 Medicare With Confidence- Ask the Merrills